Monday, July 4, 2011

Fired Up!™ Emergency Fuel & Firestarter IN-A-BUCKET

Fired Up!™ Emergency Fuel & Firestarter IN-A-BUCKET Overview

Fired Up!™ is a safe, simple and versatile new emergency fuel & fire starting product. It has water-repellent properties, a 30+ year shelf-life and two cups can burn approximately 30 minutes. Use it to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking or heating in emergency situations. Ideal for lighting a campfire & charcoal. No kindling required. Two cups burn for approximately 1/2 hour (with periodic stirring). Can be used with an outdoor grill. Can also be a self-standing fire. One cup will boil two cups of water approx. ten minutes. No harmful chemicals

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